The Good Fairy Cleaning Company Ltd Vans
03 Mar

The Good Fairies Get To Know Their Customers

February has passed in a blur; it seems only a moment ago we were launching our website, and here we are in March, having just taken delivery of our sparkly new vans. It’s been another busy month.  Our new Good Fairies have settled in beautifully and are now spreading their wings and #fairymagic with their very own cleans.  Mostly, in February, we’ve all spent time getting...

24 Jan

Weeks 2 & 3 Of My New Life

Week 2 passed with barely any incident. You’ll notice I used the word barely! With the exception of lifting a customer’s remote for the telly (only for cleaning circumstances you understand and not in a kleptomania kind of way) that would have left the wee soul stuck on BBC3 until it started at 7pm if it hadn’t been spotted sticking out of my trouser pocket...

21 Jan

My First Week at The Good Fairy Cleaning Company Ltd

After working out the longest notice period ever I eventually started on my new career path – much excitement! It has always been my dream to own my own company, be my own boss, determine my own destiny. As this was just after the Christmas break it was to be a 4-day week. Day 1 – This was it; the day I had been waiting for. Up...