21 Jan My First Week at The Good Fairy Cleaning Company Ltd

After working out the longest notice period ever I eventually started on my new career path – much excitement!

It has always been my dream to own my own company, be my own boss, determine my own destiny. As this was just after the Christmas break it was to be a 4-day week.

Day 1 – This was it; the day I had been waiting for. Up before the alarm went off, ran round the shower and jumped into my new uniform. As I headed out to the van all I was thinking was this is going to be great – meet new people, have a blether and throw a duster around someone’s house – how easy a job is this!!!

Let’s move on a couple of hours – I was sweating like I have never sweated before, none of this perspiration nonsense – this was SWEAT!!! My mascara had decided to leave my eyelashes and go on an adventure down my face and my hair made Ken Dodd’s hair look like it had been styled by John Frieda! Talk about a wakeup call. By the end of the first day I ached from head to toe and discovered muscles I never even knew I had.

Day 2 – Got up when alarm went off, strolled round the shower and for some unknown reason made involuntary moaning noises when I was trying to get my uniform on! Forget the gym – start a cleaning company!

Day 3 – Had one snooze on the alarm and asked my husband to help me out of bed. Stood under the shower! First job was an office clean – everything was going well until I decided to hoover the stairs with the hoover at the top of the stairs (have you guessed where I’m going with this!) Who would have known that when you get so far down said stairs that the hoover would decide to follow me at a rate of knots? Whilst watching the hoover flying towards me and realising there was nothing I could do to stop it all I could think of was “I wonder what it’s like to be knocked unconscious”. Fortunately, that never happened but I did have a bump on my head that came up like something from a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Now decided that danger money is required for this job!

Day 4 – Rolled out of bed, straight on to the floor (husband had left early for work), seriously thought of skipping the shower stage but realised if I got in cubicle and curled up in the foetal position the water battering my aching bones would be just about bearable! On reaching first customers house I decided that no pain, no gain was to be my motto for the day. I was like a whirling dervish, working through the pain and dreaming about being on Dragons Den – as a Dragon of course! The riches that this company would bring through hard work would be limitless. As I was mid dream and mid toilet clean (rock n roll life right enough) I decided to give loo a quick flush to make sure it was super clean only to witness the cloth I was using get sucked out my hand a disappear round the U bend! Sighs!!!!

So in brief that just about covers Week 1
Bring it on Week 2 – you don’t scare me (well just a wee bit!!)