24 Jan Weeks 2 & 3 Of My New Life

Week 2 passed with barely any incident. You’ll notice I used the word barely! With the exception of lifting a customer’s remote for the telly (only for cleaning circumstances you understand and not in a kleptomania kind of way) that would have left the wee soul stuck on BBC3 until it started at 7pm if it hadn’t been spotted sticking out of my trouser pocket before I vacated the premises it was overall uneventful.

My body was acclimatising to the daily battering it was taking, food was no longer a necessity but a luxury and as for loo breaks – don’t even ask! If you’ve ever seen An Audience With Billy Connolly from about 100 years ago where he talks about the guy with incontinence issues that goes to the dancing with Tena Lady Jodhpurs on then you’ve got the idea!

As I got to meet more customers and know about them and their requirements I settled in quite nicely.

What I never expected was just how much of a difference we would make, even in a small way, to our customers lives especially our older customers.

Never was a cup of tea so important – not to us but to them. For some of our customers we may be the only people they spoke to that day or maybe even that week. For them to be able to say to someone “would you like a cup of tea” was SO important.

Many of them have no family or family who live too far away to visit on a regular basis – we matter to them, we are important. We’re not just there to hoover, dust etc. We’re there to provide conversation, have a laugh with and most importantly make them feel that they do still matter, that they are still important and aren’t forgotten about.

As one of the directors of this amazing company I am delighted that we go the extra mile to help someone defrost their car when it’s icy outside or strip and remake their bed for them as such a simple thing to us seems like an impossible task for them and then bring bedding home and wash and dry it for them not because they asked us but because we want to.

I’m so lucky to be involved with people so incredible and amazing that we don’t make their day – they make ours.